Prof. William E. Bailey's course page


This page hosts content from my courses in Materials Science and Engineering at Columbia.

Research page on magnetoelectronics is here (html)

Departmental page is here (html)


(html) EN1102, Art of engineering, APAM project: design of electric guitar strings (first-year lab)

Below are course notes in PDF and html format; course pages are on Courseworks. The PDF versions have been checked more carefully than the (sphinx-generated) html.

(html) (PDF) MSAE4206 (Fall), Electronic and magnetic properties of solids

(html) (PDF) MSAE4215 (spring), Mechanical properties of solids, senior/first-year graduate course


Interactive simulations

(html) MSAE4206 #1: Drude conductivity

(html) MSAE4206 #2: Magnetic field from current loops

(html) MSAE4206 #3 (also EN1102) Fourier transforms

(html) MSAE4206 #4 Aliasing in discrete samples / discrete Fourier transforms

(html) MSAE4206 #5, #6: EM waves (diffraction, polarization)

(html) MSAE4206 #7: Quantum mechanics: time evolution of a particle in a box

(html) MSAE4206 #8: Bloch waves: nearly free electron bands

(html) EN1102 #1: Simple harmonic motion

(html) Molecular dynamics: solidification (credit D.V. Schroeder)

(html) Lorenz attractor

Demonstrate "live" physical simulations, computed in javascript by the client (i.e. in your browser).

MSE-relevant simulations will be incorporated into above course notes in 2017-8.